The ALDI Story

Hard work combined with bold and far-reaching business decisions - for more than a century, these principles have been key to ALDI’s success. And they still are today.

Looking at the history of ALDI, it’s clear that putting customer needs first creates a lot of respect, loyalty, and lifelong relationships. We offer products and services affordable to all, with sustainability as one of the main driver for the future. This is the incredible story of a small grocery store in Germany growing into one of the world’s biggest retail chains.

New Global Sustainability Strategy

ALDI recognised that sustainability is complex and fast-moving. The previous global strategy did not encompass all the areas of sustainability that ALDI needed to focus on to drive change therefore a new strategy was developed to be future.

Launch of ALDI SÜD HOLDING Salzburg

ALDI SÜD HOLDING is a driving force in shaping the future of the ALDI SOUTH Group. Working closely with the local teams in each country, the Global Sustainability and Buying departments are modernising the way ALDI buys.

Launch of ALDI’s first International Sustainability Strategy

After over a year of completing risk assessments to assess what areas of sustainability needed to be a focus for ALDI, the first global strategy (called the International Corporate Responsibility Strategy) was launched.

New market
Expansion to Italy

In 2018, ALDI opened its first stores in Italy.

ALDI Sustainability Unit in Bangladesh

ALDI identified the need to have a Sustainability Unit in Bangladesh due to a lot of factories being in and around Bangladesh. It acts as a regional sustainability hub in the Indian Subcontinent.

New market
Debut in China

In 2017, ALDI made its debut in the China market through its small Global flagship store.

Publication of first Sustainability Report

This "International Corporate Responsibility Report" summarised joint strategies and goals for the entire ALDI SOUTH Group for the first time. The document also provided an overview of prior actions and achievements.

ALDI Sustainability Unit in Hong Kong

The Sustainability Unit in Hong Kong was set up in 2012 under our Asian office. It acts as a regional sustainability hub in China and South-East Asia.

Asian Office in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Office serves as a support hub for buying activities within the ALDI SOUTH Group. And has continued to grow and become an established Department.

Formation of an International Sustainability Department

A group-wide sustainability department was formed to implement sustainability into everyday business. Originally in Müllheim, the department later moved to Salzburg, Austria.

New market
Entry into Hungary

In 2008, ALDI opened its first store in Hungary.

ALDI’s first International Sustainability Policy

This policy has become one of the cornerstones of how the ALDI SOUTH Group does business and is relevant for our employee and business partners.

New market
ALDI stores open in Switzerland

In 2005, the first ALDI Swiss stores opened their doors.

New market
First HOFER stores in Slovenia

When the first eleven HOFER stores opened their doors in Slovenia, queues of customers were waiting for their doors to open.

New market
Expansion to Australia

In 2001, ALDI opened its first Australian store in Sydney.

New market
Entry into Ireland

In 1999, ALDI expanded into Ireland.

New market
Expansion to Great Britain

In 1990, ALDI launched in Great Britain, opening its first store in Stechford, Birmingham.

New market
Entry into the USA

In 1976, ALDI opened its first store in the United States, located in Chicago, Iowa.

New market
Start of international expansion

In 1968, ALDI SOUTH started to expand internationally by acquiring the grocery chain Hofer in Austria.

Division into ALDI SOUTH and ALDI North

In early 1960, the brothers officially changed the name to Aldi, short for ALbrecht DIscount, reflecting the business's commitment to providing affordable products. They also split the business into ALDI Nord and ALDI Sud.

More than 100 stores in Germany

The Albrecht brothers were known for their frugality. They avoided spending money on advertising or in-store decorations and were ruthless in removing poor-selling items from their inventory. By keeping prices lower than competitors, the discount store earned a strong following in post-World War II Germany, where the economy had been nearly destroyed.

Expansion to grocery chain

The brothers officially founded the German grocery chain in 1946. With a vision to reduce waste and costs, the brothers established a no-frills model at their discount store. They sold only non-perishable goods at affordable prices from a small, nondescript shop.

Family-owned grocery store in Essen, Germany

In 1913, the business was founded in Essen by the Albrecht family. Brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht’s entrepreneurial journey traces back to their mother, who opened a small grocery store in 1913 in a suburb of Essen. The brothers inherited their first store from her, a resilient establishment that survived the bombings during the war.

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