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The ALDI SOUTH Group is one of the biggest and best-known retailers worldwide, serving customers across 11 different countries, in over 7,000 stores, and with more than 200,000 employees.

“Making sustainability affordable for our customers” is our vision which is shared by all ALDI markets. The ALDI Global Sustainability department works closely with ALDI National Sustainability teams to understand legal frameworks and customer requirements in their respective countries. The Global Sustainability Strategy defines minimum requirements and initiatives for the global focus areas. Our national markets are able to set more ambitious individual standards, therefore exceeding the minimum requirements. They also work to support local communities, charities, and initiatives to give back to people and the planet.


ALDI was founded as a family business in Germany in 1913 . The Albrecht brothers, Karl and Theo, split the business into ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD in 1961 before expanding internationally. Today, ALDI SÜD Germany offers 90% own-brand products, including many regional and organic items.

ALDI SÜD Germany key figures in 2023:

  • 2,011 Stores
  • 24 Distribution Centres
  • 52,269 Employees
ALDI SÜD Germany


In 1968, the HOFER grocery chain started its operations, making Austria the first ALDI SOUTH market outside of Germany. Since then, the business and product range have grown significantly. “Heute für Morgen” is a HOFER initiative to establish more ambitious sustainability standards for our Austrian customers.

HOFER Austria key figures in 2023:

  • 541 Stores
  • 6 Distribution Centres
  • 12,216 Employees


Operating under the HOFER name, ALDI Slovenia opened its first stores in 2005. It was the first retailer in Slovenia to completely remove caged eggs from its shelves. HOFER Slovenia was recognised in 2023 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for its sustainable actions.

HOFER Slovenia key figures in 2023:

  • 92 Stores
  • 1 Distribution Centres
  • 1,937 Employees

United Kingdom

In 1990, ALDI launched in Great Britain, opening its first store in Birmingham, and has been growing steadily since. With the “Better Everyday” initiative, ALDI UK promotes environmentally friendly business practices, access to healthy food choices and supports global and local communities.

ALDI UK key figures in 2023:

  • 1,021 Stores
  • 11 Distribution Centres
  • 45,388 Employees


In 1999, ALDI expanded into Ireland. It has been of the most awarded retailers at the Irish Quality Food Awards, the Great Taste Awards and the Blas na hÉireann awards, offering good quality, supporting many Irish suppliers and investing in local communities.

ALDI Ireland key figures in 2023:

  • 161 Stores
  • 2 Distribution Centres
  • 4,702 Employees


In 2001, ALDI opened its first Australian store in Sydney. It has been named Supermarket of the Year seven times in the Roy Morgan's Customer Satisfaction Awards. Recognising its sustainability achievements and ongoing sustainability efforts, ALDI Australia was also named Green Supermarket of the Year in 2023 by the Finder Green Awards.

ALDI Australia key figures in 2023:

  • 590 Stores
  • 8 Distribution Centres
  • 16,878 Employees


In 1976, ALDI opened its first store in the United States, located in Chicago, Iowa. Today, ALDI is one of the fastest growing retailers in the US, offering a variety of fresh produce and a large range of exclusive own-brand products. In 2021, Brightl.eco ranked ALDI as the No. 1 most sustainable grocery retailer among popular U.S. stores.

ALDI US key figures in 2023:

  • 2,338 Stores
  • 26 Distribution Centres
  • 47,308 Employees


Headquartered in Schwarzenbach, ALDI Suisse opened its doors in 2005 and reached their 100th store within just four years. ALDI Suisse is focusing on green energy, reducing carbon emissions, minimising plastic waste, and supporting disadvantaged communities. It was awarded the 2023 “Lean and Green” award for its commitment to reducing emissions in the logistics and transport sector.

ALDI Suisse key figures in 2023:

  • 241 Stores
  • 3 Distribution Centres
  • 3,895 Employees


In 2008, ALDI Hungary opened its first store. Its most recent successes include winning the “Most Famous Employer” Award in Hungary in 2004. ALDI also received two accolades in the “CSR Doing Good” Awards for its insect hotel initiative as well and its other investments into e-trucks, carbon neutral solutions and waste management measures.

ALDI Hungary key figures in 2023:

  • 172 Stores
  • 1 Distribution Centres
  • 4,962 Employees
ALDI China


ALDI China made its debut through its flagship store on Tmall Global, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. 2019 saw the first pilot stores opening, with a focus on smaller, smart retail stores that are equipped with modern technology and offer fast delivery options. ALDI China are continuously exploring solutions to achieve the zero carbon emissions and have switched to 100% renewable energy in stores, warehouses, and offices.

ALDI China key figures in 2023:

  • 53 Stores
  • 1,291 Employees


In 2018, ALDI started business in Italy and opened its first CO2-neutral store in Moniga del Garda in 2021. Numerous sustainability efforts were implemented, affecting human rights, food waste, and energy efficiency. The Italian stores significantly reduced their energy consumption and are equipped with energy-efficient refrigeration systems and photovoltaic panels.

ALDI Italy key figures in 2023:

  • 177 Stores
  • 2 Distribution Centres
  • 3,098 Employees
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© 2024 ALDI SOUTH Group. All rights reserved.