June 2020
ALDI scored 25% in Oxfam’s Supermarket Scorecard
As an international food retail company with global supply chains, the ALDI SOUTH Group is aware of its responsibility to respect human rights and to improve living and working conditions throughout its supply chains. We are certain that long-term business success can only be ensured if human rights are acknowledged and respected, protected and fulfilled.

Supermarket Scorecard 2020

The ALDI SOUTH Group has further continued to respect human rights and to improve living and working conditions in its business activities, via the implementation of its responsible sourcing strategy. We are pleased that Oxfam has acknowledged our continuous progress and significant efforts to increase the transparency on our human rights approach. This has been reflected in our increased score of 25% in the 2020 Oxfam Supermarket Scorecard - an increase of 6 percentage points compared to 2019. We share the core values behind Oxfam’s efforts and continue to have constructive dialogue with Oxfam.

Human rights are a priority for the ALDI SOUTH Group

As part of the responsible sourcing strategy, the ALDI SOUTH Group has already published an Human Rights Policy in 2018, which covers impacts on human rights the ALDI SOUTH Group might cause, contribute or is directly linked to. We reported on the human rights risk assessment of our food and agriculture supply chains and published information about our beyond audit approach, supply chains transparency and our supply chain partnerships. We published an international Child Labour Policy, joined several working groups on living incomes and wages, and signed the GIZ Living Income Commitment. The ALDI SOUTH Group is currently implementing Human Rights Impact Assessments (HRIA) for avocado, Brazil nuts and coffee supply chains.

We are committed to generating impact on the ground by supporting multiple projects in our supply chains. Our latest projects include our collaboration with Fairtrade in Côte d’Ivoire to improve working conditions for cocoa farmers and a project to strengthen labour standards in the Vietnamese cashew nut supply chain.

Over the next five years, the ALDI SOUTH Group intends to further address issues within its high priority supply chains via reviews, traceability systems and supply chain mappings as well as social auditing and certification. We will also further integrate CR criteria into our buying processes and participate in multi-stakeholder initiatives and capacity building measures.

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